Professional Brake Service

December 29, 2014

Reliable Brake Repair East Hartford – Herb’s Automotive

What’s in a brake check?

If you’re like most drivers, you only get your brakes checked once you notice that something’s wrong. Brakes are your first line of defense against any accidents or collisions on the road and off, so it’s important that you get them checked out before they begin to fail. Herb’s Automotive is your one stop auto shop in East Hartford, CT for reliable car service.

Make sure to tell our mechanics any specific differences in braking that you’ve noticed recently. This will save you time waiting for them to isolate the cause of the problem, as well as money.

Most common signs you need a brake check:

Screeching or grinding noises when you brake

  • Cause: This usually indicates that the brake pads are worn down and in need of replacing. Remember, the grinding and screeching is not a “friendly reminder” to change your brake pads, it is a sign of a mechanical problem. Not replacing your brake pads at this point will result in serious problems and more expensive repair fees.

Your ABS light on the dashboard is on

  • Cause: Have our team at Herb’s Automotive in East Hartford, CT do a routine brake check, if there are no discernible problems and the light is still coming on, check the wiring and electric plugs. They can suffer from over-all wear and tear too!

Pulsating or shaky braking

  • Cause: Consistent use of brakes means heat and wear caused by friction. Over time, this can warp the rotors by thinning them out, which leads to the shaky feeling.

Pulling to one side

  • Cause: There are a number of reasons that the can cause this, some include: fluid or oil leakage on the brake shoes or pads, brake misalignment, or frozen brakes or brake cables.

Difficulty braking

  • Cause: This is difficult to say without a full inspection of the brakes by a mechanic, but any of the above are likely potential causes. Stop by our auto shop in East Hartford for a full brake inspection.

It’s important to get your brakes checked regularly. An easy way to remember is to get them checked each time you go in for an oil or filter change. Not maintaining functioning brakes is a safety hazard both to you and other drivers on the road.

You can get your brakes checked and repaired by trusted mechanics at Herb’s Automotive. Set up an appointment online, or contact the shop directly. Stop by and see us today!